Story Time (English)

The Way We Are
In this illustrated fable, a rooster, a cow and a dog learn to appreciate what they have been endowed with. They come to realize that the grass is not always greener on the other side. The text is suitable for reading by elementary school children in grades 1 – 3.

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Sweetie Goes to Bed
This illustrated story was written for the young beginning reader, ages 3-5. It shows through a simple plot how the penguin parents love and protect their baby penguin.

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Happy Friends

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Smashwords edition at ($0.99)
You can sample a few pages of the eBook at this site.

If you have already read “Sweetie Goes to Bed”, would you be so kind and put in a good word about this ebook at or here? Thank you very much!

Star Dollars (free download)
Click the above link to get to one of the Brothers Grimm Fairy Tales retold by me. To see the English translation of the origial story compiled by Prof. D. L. Ashliman, please click this link.  The brothers are Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm, who were born in Germany in the 18th century. “Star Dollars” is a moving story that can be easily understood by young children. It teaches them that one could be richly rewarded for being kind and generous to other people.

The North Wind and the Sun (Aesop’s Fable)
Discuss the moral of this story with your child. The real issue isn’t whether the sun is stronger than the wind, but that gentle persuation is often more effective than brute force.

An Ant Repays A Favor This animated story teaches kids how helping one another makes our world a better place in which to live.


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