Play and Learn

Bobo Cutout

1. Please click on this  Activities link to get to the files for the following children’s activities.

Help Bobo Get Home

Bobo is a baby penguin. You may copy and paste this image of Bobo into an image editing program, scale it to the desired size and print it out. Cut out the rectangle and glue it to a piece of note card. Cut out the rectangle again. Fold at the indicated line to make a play piece for the “Help Bobo Get Home” Questions & Answers game. Download Bobo’s Route and print out the gameboard for this game. To get home, Bobo must answer a question correctly at each of the five stops on the map. Please make up five educational questions and ask your child to help Bobo answer them.

Walking Penguin –  A penguin drawing for coloring.

Matching Socks – An exercise in matching shapes and colors.

Missing Parts – An exercise in matching animals with their missing parts.

Paper Cracker – Fold a letter-size piece of paper by following this pattern. Cut along the solid line on the diagram. With the two folded sections facing each other, bend the top sections down outward, forming a “Y”. Now, hold the shaft using one hand and run the thumb and forefinger of the other hand quickly up the shaft. The top sections will slap together and make a cracking sound.

2. Win a Rubberband

This game can be played by two or three players. Suppose there are two players standing side by side, each holding 5 rubberbands. The first player will toss a rubberband a distance away. The second player will attempt to toss his or her rubberband to the same location. If the second rubberband lands on the first rubberband and there is an overlap of the two rubberbands, the second player gets to keep that rubberband. If the second rubberband misses the first rubberband then the first player gets to use the first rubberband to try and “capture” the second rubberband. The play continues until one player loses all of his or her rubberbands, or until a set time period has expired, whichever comes first. Helpful Hint: If you lay the rubberband flat on the upturned palm when tossing it, you will have better control of where it’s going. Also, if you’re not sure you can capture the other rubberband, it may be to your advantage to toss your rubberband farther away to make it harder for your opponent to capture yours.


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