Play and Learn (Chinese)

Click on this Activities link to access the files for the following children’s activities with Chinese instructions.

Matching Socks – Learn to match colors and shapes.

Walking Penguin –  A penguin drawing for coloring.

Missing Parts – An exercise in matching animals with their missing parts.

Paper Cracker – Fold a letter-size piece of paper by following this pattern. Cut along the solid line on the diagram. With the two folded sections facing each other, bend the top sections down outward, forming a “Y”. Now, hold the shaft using one hand and run the thumb and forefinger of the other hand quickly up the shaft. The top sections will slap together and make a cracking sound.

Requesting a Person
This song goes with a game that is suitable for a small class of kindergarten or early primary school children, and could help them learn each other’s names at the beginning of the school year. First, form two rows of children facing each other at a distance of about 15 ft. If there is an odd number of pupils then the teacher could join in the game. The first team decides on a kid they want from the opposite team as well as a kid from their own team who will try to win him/her over. The chidren from the first team sing the first line of the lyrics, “We are requesting a person.” while walking hand-in-hand toward the opposite team. They repeat the line and walk backwards to their original position. The scond team sings the second line of the lyrics, “Whom are you requesting?”, walking forward then repeating the line walking backward. This routine is repeated with the first team now singing, “We’re requesting so-and-so.” The second team would then ask, “Who’s coming to get him/her?” The first team responds with, “So-and-so will come get him/her.” Now the two chosen participants meet at the center and play a hand-guessing game. They thrust out the index finger and the middle finger to represent a pair of scissors, a fist to represent a rock, or an open palm to represent a piece of cloth. The results are compared to determine the winner. Scissors can cut cloth; cloth can envelope a rock; a rock will beat the scissors. The winner brings back the captive to his or her own team. The second team now gets the turn to request a person. The game continues until one team loses all its members or the time is up.

Miss Springtime
Click on the link “Miss Springtime – tune” to download the tune named Fraeulein Spring.mp3 to go with the children’s performance described in my 3/28/12 post. I coded the music from memory. Therefore, it may not be exactly the same as the original tune.

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