Welcome to this bilingual educational site created especially for children who speak English and/or Chinese. I hope to encourage the young ones to learn through reading stories, singing songs, and doing other fun activities such as coloring and playing games. These activities are organized under the pages on the right side. Contents will be added as time goes on.

Among the blog posts on the home page are segments of a children’s story presented in English and Chinese (once in simplified Chinese characters, and again in traditional Chinese characters). These are suitable for bilingual elementary school children to read.

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  1. Lani said

    I just wanted to thank you for the lovely review of my stories which you posted on Smashwords. I also wanted to apologize – because I only just realized that the version you downloaded had a collection of stories that were inadvertently uploaded as well and I only proofed the first story! Aaaargh! I do appreciate you taking the time to still read through them in spite of their unproofed state and I was thrilled to read your feedback. I’m very new to publishing on Smashwords ( as you can tell) and your willingness to give my writing a chance has really ‘made my day’.

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