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Decorate a gift box using tissue paper flowers

Mother’s Day is coming up. Here is a quick and easy way to make a few flowers to put on the gift box for your mom. All you need is a few pieces of tissue paper and a small wire tie to hold them together.

In Chinese, flowers are called (huā)

What are some of the names of flowers in Chinese?

牡丹花 (mǔdan huā) are tree peony blossoms

玫瑰花 (méigui huā) are roses.

百合花 (bǎihéhuā) are lilies.

鬱金香 (yùjīnxiāng) are tulips.

菊花 (júhuā) are chrysanthemums.

梅花 (méihuā) are plum blossom.

櫻花 (yīnghuā) are flowering cherry blossoms.

桃花 (táohuā) are peach blossoms.

Have a Happy Mother’s Day!

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