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Sing “Pulling Radish” – a Chinese children’s song

A boy goes to the garden to get a radish. He pulls and pulls, but the radish won’t come out. It is too large and heavy. He asks for help from others. When everyone pitches in, the radish finally comes out. You can find out more about this story by watching a video for the fun Chinese children’s song called 拔萝卜 (Bá Luóbo).

Following is a word list to help you understand and sing this song:

(bá) means to pull.
萝卜 (luóbo) is a radish.
老公公 (lǎogōnggong) is an old gentleman.
快点 (kuài diǎn) means to hurry up a bit.
(lái) means to come.
快点来 (kuài diǎn lái) means to hurry and come.
帮我 (bāng wǒ) means to help me do something.
老婆婆 (lǎopópo) is an old lady.
小花狗 (xiǎo huā gǒu) is a little multicolored dog.
小花猫 (xiǎo huā māo) is a little multicolored cat.
小老鼠 (xiǎo lǎoshǔ) is a little mouse or rat.
拔起来 (bá qǐlái) is to pull out or pull off.
大家 (dàjiā) means everybody.
一起 (yīqǐ) means together.

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