Where has my dear snowman gone?

The sun is peeking down from the sky. It looks for the snowman, but the snowman is no where to be found. Do you know where the snowman has gone?

Click on the following song to get some clues.

The vocabulary list below could help you figure out the lyrics for this song.

怎么 (zěnme) means how or how come.

不见了 (bùjiànle or bùjiànliǎo) means to have disappeared.

只有 (zhǐyǒu) means to only have.

(shǒu) are hands.

(jiǎo) are feet.

(tā) means he.

(pǎo) is to run.

(pà) is to be afraid of something.

太阳 (tàiyáng) is the sun.

(zhào) means to shine.

(xuě) is the snow.

(xiāo) means to vanish.

原来 (yuánlái) means actually or originally.

不坚牢 (bù jiān láo) means not durable.

虽然 (suīrán) means although.

(yǒu) means to have.

不會 (bùhuì) means cannot.

(hǎn) is to holler.

(jiào) is to shout.

只好 (zhǐhǎo) is to holler.

融化掉 (rónghuà diào) is to shout.

(tóu) is the head.

(nǎo) are the brains.

(děng) means to wait until.

出来 (chūlai) means to come out.

自己 (zìjǐ) means oneself.

不能 (bùnéng) means unable to do something.

(bǎo) means to protect or defend.


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