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Let’s draw a snowman

Has it started to snow in your town? It’s fun making snowballs, and, of course, a snowman!

First make a very large snow ball.
大雪球 dà xuě qiú

Put on top of it a medium sized snow ball.
zhōngxíng xuě qiú

Then add a smaller snow ball at the top.
小雪球 xiǎo xuě qiú

Make two small disks for the eyes.
眼睛 yǎnjing

Make a small red disk for the nose.
鼻子 bízi

Make a partial circle for the mouth.
嘴巴 zuǐba

Let’s put a hat on the snowman’s head.
帽子 màozǐ

How about adding a few buttons, too?
扣子 kòuzi

What else does a snowman need? Go ahead and add it to your drawing.

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