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Miss Springtime

To welcome the arrival of spring, why not get your kindergarten or first-grade class to act out the song titled “Miss Springtime”? You can find the link for the tune under Play and Learn (Chinese) on the right-hand side, and the lyrics are posted here. (Look for the 3/28/12 post).

The main characters are Old Man Winter and Miss Springtime. The other children will act as “flowers and grass” or “bugs and birds”, sit on little stools or carpeted floor, and sing the song in a chorus.

For the first segment of the song, Old Man Winter will trudge slowly across the stage, slightly hunched. The garden elements will dip their heads, cover their eyes with their hands, and pretend to fall asleep.

For the second segment, Miss Springtime will gently flutter her arms as a butterfly does with its wings, and weave among the garden elements, who will slowly wake up and stretch out.

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Scissors, Rock and Fabric

You’re probably familiar with the popular Chinese hand-gesture game, called: 剪刀, 石头, 布! (Jiăndāo, shítou, bù!)”.

剪刀 (jiăndāo) is a pair of scissors, 石头 (shítou) is a rock and (bù) is a piece of fabric.

Well, here is a challenge. Watch John Jacobson in the video titled “Scissors Paper Rock“, and see if you can do this dance but substitue the English words “scissors”, “paper” and “rock” with 剪刀 (jiăndāo), 石头 (shítou), and (bù), respectively, using the proper guesture for each. In English, paper sounds better than cloth or fabric; and “rock” is placed at the end of the phrase for the same emphasis provided by (bù). Have fun!

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